February 2020

Celebrating the month of love!

This month, we celebrated the month of love with some fabulous weekend accommodation specials. East London is also a hive of activity during February with a variety of events taking place in and around the city.  The prestigious Buffalo Rowing regatta is once again took place on The Buffalo River (South Africa’s only River Port). Our central location makes it ideal for visitors who want to experience a luxurious and tranquil getaway within proximity to the city centre and various attractions. Read about our weekend specials and February events here.

January 2020

Starting the year with a bang!

Quarry Lake Inn once again had the privilege of hosting competitors and supporters attending the annual Half Ironmen. This popular sporting event draws athletes and visitors from various parts of the country. East London’s generous landscapes, beautiful river mouths and scenic coastlines, make it an ideal and popular destination for major sporting events. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news about upcoming events in and around the Buffalo City.

November 2019

Season's Greetings !

The year is drawing to a close and we have been blessed with some excellent rains on the coast of the Eastern Cape. Our gardens are glowing and vibrant with lush green vegetation and bursts of colour.  Our water tank has filled to the brim after 60 mm of rain this week and contains 160,000 litres of pure filtered rain-water for reticulation to our rooms. Holiday season is almost upon us and our family rooms are available for those overnight stays with children. Read our Christmas Newsletter here.

September 2019

Spring Is Here!

Spring has arrived and all around us there are signs of new life. Here at the Quarry Lake Inn, we recently had the privilege of spotting a pair of Cape Clawless Otters, swimming in harmony together. These otters swim up the small river from the sea, into the Quarry Lake to find fish. This early morning sighting is a rare one and therefore very special. The Egyptian geese have also swelled their numbers to 14, of which 12 are almost fully-fledged juveniles about to take to the wing. Quarry Lake Inn’s lush natural environment offers the perfect setting for those who need to escape the city’s hustle and bustle this coming holiday.  Some of our rooms have sleeper-couches and are perfect for family getaways! Read our latest newsletter here.

April 2019

Happy Easter 2019!

April is a beautiful time of the year in the Eastern Cape and the seasonal change is accompanied by temperate weather. Easter weekend is around the corner and Quarry Lake Inn’s serene and luxurious accommodation makes for an ideal base from where to explore the beautiful Eastern Cape. Click on the image to view our latest newsletter.

March 2019

New additions to our conference venue!

During the first quarter of the year we made some changes to our conferencing area, creating some additional seating and space. We can now seat 40 pax in cinema style and we have installed a new state of the art projector, screen and speaker system. The entire area is now enclosed by glass doors for additional privacy.

February 2019

The Buffalo Rowing Regatta!

This month East London is hosting the prestigious "Buffalo Rowing Regatta “. The event will take place on a magnificent two kilometer section of the Buffalo River. The Buffalo River is the only river in South Africa to boast a two kilometer, straight stretch at sea level. Once again Quarry Lake Inn is proud to be hosting some of the event's participants and supporters. After a rather dry December we have now had rains filling our tanks. Despite the low rainfall, Quarry Lake Inn did not run out of water and we continued an uninterrupted rainwater supply to all of our rooms.

December 2018

Season's greetings

During the festive season, we had the wonderful privilege of introducing visitors from all over the world to the beautiful Eastern Cape. Despite some dry periods, we have managed to keep water reticulation from our water storage tank, to supply all of our rooms' water needs. Some recent showers have completely replenished the tank and we are now ready for the summer ahead. Read our Christmas newsletter here.

November 2018

Family-friendly accommodation!

At Quarry Lake Inn we now have special family rooms that cater for families with children. All of our family rooms have a double sleeper couch in the room, making it ideal for those families who are en route to holiday destinations.

October 2018

Staff Training.

A number of our staff members have attended courses in ‘Customer Service’, ‘Health and Safety’, ‘Fire-Fighting’ and ‘Computer Skills’. These courses have proven to be very useful and we will continue to develop and grow the skill-set of our staff in order to provide our guests with excellent service.

September 2018

Spring Golf Day.

The Eastern Cape's dramatic greenery offers guests a unique golfing experience and in September, Quarry Lake Inn sponsored a tea at East London’s West Bank Golf Course.

August 2018

In Full Winter Bloom!

Our Cape Aloes are in full bloom this time of the year and the giant Aloe in our local gardens is making quite a statement. Aloe ferox, called Ikhala in Xhosa, grows wild throughout the Eastern Cape and in parts of the Western Cape. Apart from its unique beauty it also holds many medicinal benefits and is a renowned natural colon cleanser.

July 2018

A Scenic Setting For A Wedding

The deck at Quarry Lake Inn provides guests with a beautiful, intimate setting within which they can celebrate those special moments with their loved ones. This month we hosted a small wedding function. Our guests brought in their own catering and arranged their own décor. They chose a simple yet beautiful colour pallet that consisted of pale pinks, greens and off-whites. The event was tastefully decorated and guests were able to celebrate in style while enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.

June 2018

Winter Holiday News and Specials!

Winter is in full swing and here at the Quarry we are enjoying the active bird-life and sun-filled winter-days. East London has plenty to offer during the winter months and the annual Sardine Run makes East London the ideal winter holiday destination. We are offering fabulous family accommodation specials this June and July so book your stay early.

May 2018

Nature in action!

Our bird lovers will be pleased to hear that we have a pair of fish eagles who visit the Quarry on a regular basis. Guests can enjoy the active bird-life while having breakfast on the deck or strolling around in the gardens. Our resident adult and juvenile crowned eagles are terrorizing our local dassie population who are are feasting on the garden plants. Here is a picture taken from our deck.

April 2018

Eco-wise water news!

All of our bedrooms/bathrooms are now supplied with pure rain-water from our custom-built rain-water-tank. After the magnificent rains in our area of the Eastern Cape, Quarry Lake Inn is now assured of high-quality water being piped to all our rooms. Our new water system will not only benefit the environment but also give our guests the opportunity to shower in water that is free from chemical additives, leaving one’s skin and hair feeling much healthier.

March 2018

Beautifully, upgraded bathrooms!

We are proud to announce that we are into the final stages of renovating the bathrooms at Quarry Lake Inn. Our final four bathrooms are nearly completed and by Easter we will be boasting 16 fully upgraded, state of the art bathrooms and bedrooms ensuite. We have managed to do this by introducing improved and cleaner building methods which had a minimum impact on our guests. All of our bathrooms are supplied with pure rain-water from our custom-built rain-water-tank.

February 2018

Daddy day care!

At Quarry Lake Inn we had the privilege of witnessing a brave father goose raise his twelve goslings single-handedly. The mother goose disappeared shortly after the goslings hatched and the father goose had to teach them how to swim and fly on his own. We were inspired by the courage of this father goose and look forward to seeing the progress of his twelve goslings.

January 2018

East London hosts the 2018 Ironman

After a busy festive season East London experienced some wonderful weather, scattered showers and sunshine. East London is known as the Sports Capital of the Eastern Cape and this past weekend we hosted participants and supporters of the annual Half Iron Man. The event consisted of three parts: first a 1.9km swim in the ocean off East London's Orient Beach, then a 90.1km cycle, and finally a half-marathon run 21.1km.

December 2017

Season's greetings from Quarry Lake Inn!

As we prepare for the December holidays we are again reminded of the wonderful privilege we have of introducing visitors from all over the world to the beautiful Eastern Cape. With its sub-tropical climate, warm waters and unspoilt beaches, it is no wonder that we are a bustling town of activity during the festive season. Remember to book your stay in advance and to keep checking our website and Facebook page for seasonal specials. Read our latest newsletter here.

November 2017

Standard Bank Business Breakfast

The deck at Quarry Lake Inn has proven to be a popular breakfast destination during these early Spring months. Apart from our regular over-night guests, we have also enjoyed hosting the weekly Standard Bank Business breakfast event. Guests can sit and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast while overlooking the quarry and its rich bird and plant life. Standard Bank Business attendees are able to have their breakfast on the deck after enjoying their presentation in the conference room.

October 2017

Exclusive Getaways Roadshow!

Quarry Lake Inn had the privilege of hosting the annual Exclusive Getaways Roadshow. It was a wonderful opportunity to share industry knowledge and engage with various establishments from the Eastern Cape. Our deck and lush surroundings provided the ideal setting for a morning of networking.

September 2017

An early Spring!

Our natural surroundings here at the quarry are already signaling the arrival of an early spring. Weaver-birds are already in bright yellow breeding colours and our Egyptian geese are flaunting 10 new baby goslings. The Erythrina trees are starting to blossom and our aloes have already given their lovely winter show.

August 2017

Celebrating in style!

Quarry Lake Inn recently hosted a cocktail evening to celebrate our 20th anniversary in the hospitality industry. Together with special friends and colleagues we were able to celebrate this milestone birthday and give thanks to the people who have contributed to our growth and success over the past 2 decades.

July 2017

Quarry Lake Inn's 20th Birthday!

This month Quarry Lake inn is celebrating its 20th birthday. It all started in 1980 when we gathered a group of architects to look at the remains of an old quarry – then a wasteland and dumping site alongside a small reed-fringed lake filled with fish and birds despite the debris. Through hard work and perseverance, we grew the 16-bedroomed inn and its facilities, offering better hospitality, more luxury, as well as conferencing and event hosting. Thank you for being part of our story and celebrating this milestone birthday with us. Read our birthday newsletter here and don't forget to enter our facebook competition!

June 2017

Celebrating the Quarry!

Next month we are celebrating our 20th birthday at Quarry Lake Inn. Throughout the years, the Quarry has attracted an array of bird species, most notably these special raptors; crowned eagle ( a breeding resident ), lanner falcon and black sparrow-hawk. Five of the colourful species of kingfishers are found here. The Giant, Pied, Malachite, Brown-hooded and Pygmy Kingfishers all find an ample source of food and habitat around the Quarry.

May 2017

Celebrating the Quarry!

Quarry Lake Inn’s 20th birthday is around the corner, making it an opportune time to reflect on our journey over the past two decades. A great deal of our success in the tourism industry can be attributed to the lush, natural environment in which we find ourselves. The quarry has evolved from a lunar landscape in 1990, to a centre of ecological importance of which we feel privileged to be a part of today . We would like to use the time leading up to our birthday to celebrate the Quarry, its natural beauty and the life and success that has flowed from it these past 20 years.

April 2017

April holidays in East London.

April is likely to be one of our country’s most celebrated months. The month of Easter is renowned for its mild, temperate weather, perfect beach days and generous long weekends. We hosted a variety of local and international quests during the April holidays and we thought it would be a good idea to share some local events news with you here so that you can make the most of your April holidays. Africa Bike Week™ is an annual event presented by Harley-Davidson® Africa and hosted by Buffalo City Metro. This week, Motorcycle enthusiasts, riders, their families and friends from across South Africa and internationally will be attending the biggest free biker bash on the continent taking place in East London. There is most certainly an array of events and activities to choose from this long weekend.

November 2016

Season's greetings!

Quarry Lake Inn would like to wish all of our valued customers a blessed festive season. This past year has been an exciting and productive year for us. One of the biggest milestones of 2016 has been the completion and installation of our 170,000 litre rain-water tank. The tank will be fully functional in 2017 and will greatly reduce our impact on our surrounding environment. Our love and passion for the natural environment continually inspires us to find smarter and more efficient ways of running our business. View our latest newsletter here.

February 2016

Starting the year with a 'bang'!

The year literally started with a 'bang' as our beautiful city once again hosted the annual Standard Bank Ironman. Together with this event, we usually experience an influx of visitors and tourists to the town, making for a busy start to our year at Quarry Lake Inn. This triathlon – also known as half-Ironman – is made up of a 1.9km sea swim, 90km bicycle ride and a 21km run. The Standard Bank Ironman 70.3 South Africa started at Orient Beach where athletes began their day with a 1.9 km ocean swim. They then went on to complete a 90km cycle ride along the N2 between East London and King William’s Town. Road closures allowed the athletes to navigate the surging course safely. The final leg was a 21km run which consisted of two-loops with spectacular ocean views. Finishers were greeted in style with African dancers, music and spectators. Be sure to book your stay with Quarry Lake Inn in advance for the next Standard Bank Ironman in January 2017.

July 2015

Quarry Lake Inn attends regional SATSA meeting

The managing staff of Quarry lake Inn recently attended the Eastern Cape Regional SATSA meeting. The meeting was held at the Kariega Game Reserve which overlooks the beautiful Eastern Cape Bushmans River Valley. The team from Quarry Lake Inn were treated to a game drive and were fortunate enough to see some rhino, hippo and buffalo. New insights were gained as we listened to a fascinating report-back from SATSA CEO David Frost about his personal battle to amend the new prohibitive Visa regulations instituted by Home Affairs. These new regulations are adversely affecting tourism numbers to South Africa. As members of SATSA , Quarry Lake Inn is proud to be part of a larger group of tourism partners who are contributing towards a greater awareness of local tourism.

APRIL 2015

Quarry Lake Inn gets a brand refresh

There has been a lot of activity at Quarry Lake Inn during the past few months. Not only have we upgraded most of our rooms but we also decided it was time for a “brand refresh”. We recently launched Quarry Lake Inn’s new logo and corporate identity. The new logo also coincided with the purchase of a new staff vehicle which we branded with the new logo.

MARCH 2015

Southern Spoor's annual corporate showcase

Southern Spoor hosted its inaugural Corporate Showcase at the Fairway Hotel in Johannesburg on the 24th of March 2015. Owner and manager, Sue Goldswain represented the Quarry Lake Inn at the event. The event gave us the opportunity to showcase our newly upgraded accommodation facilities and conference venue to representatives from various reputable travel and tourism companies.